Self realization is an awareness and realization that the external world is only a mirror or a reflection of your inner world. It involves the ability to understand the perceptions of reality and the illusion of the world that you live in. In the past the definition of perception was that the mind only sees through its own perception of reality. The mind defines the external world through a limited lens based on past experience and how its collects information.

While this is true. There is a deeper understanding that is known through self realization. This knowing is of the subconscious. How it is creating an external reality, due to the fact that it cannot contain its very own truth. This truth is of its inner world, the subconscious has thoughts, belief systems and behaviour patterns. These conflict for the subconscious, or the egoic mind to take ownership and responsibility for. The subconscious is filled with so much suffering that it can not contain, or process it, within itself. Thus creating an external world of conflict, violence, poverty, war, pollution, etc. and the likes of the world in which we live.

Self Awareness

Now your mind may be telling you, “This is not true”. There are wars and poverty and pollution and violence against man in the world. These things are very real and to forgo the thought that this is not reality is very pollyannic and irresponsible. The notion even begins to trigger your own identity that fights for injustice and bleeds into the very fabric of your life purpose. Yet what I know is that the very belief in the external world being real is the lie that your egoic mind wants you to believe. The lie that will keep you from exploring your own subconscious behaviour. The lie that keeps you in pain and suffering.

What if this were true. That the world you see, the world in which you live in is only the reflection of your internal subconscious. That the violence, poverty, wars, pollution, etc. is your internal subconscious patterning and what the subconscious mind is creating within your being. The subconscious is violent, creating poverty, war, conflict and polluting not just your mind.  It pollutes your perceptions in your body and living conditions. Your subconscious is limiting your potential to live in peace, abundance, creativity and infinite potential.