Energy, it is all around us- but what is energy?

It is the unseen way we responded to our environment. When we meet someone for the first time, you know whether you like him or her or do not like him or her. Simply you are responding to their energy. This is the natural way that we function, and yet we never acknowledge it.  Why?

In the past we have been lead to believe that if you can’t see “it” , “it” does not exist. Our culture or society has come to only believe, acknowledge or “know” if they can see it with their own eyes, then it is real. In sales it is much easier to sell a product if it is material in front of the buyers eyes. Sight unseen, and non-material products are much harder to sell, because the buyer cannot see the product. How do they know if it is good enough, not damaged? We have been raised in a belief system to only except what is in front of us, so that we can “see” for ourselves if it is real or not.

A New Era

Now we are coming into a new era. We are moving from one age to another. For most people this is not a big deal, it is a new age thought. But this belief of a new era is also mentioned in every indigenous culture around the world. It was prophesied by all of these cultures, written into their history thousands of years ago. (the indigenous people prophesied the end of an era, not the end of the world, or just the world as we know it)

So what does this have to do with energy? We are advancing as a society; our culture is becoming more interconnected. Our science is expanding into new thoughts and belief systems. Science is starting to study the human potential. And where are they going? They are going back into the ancient and indigenous cultures to explore and prove that the human potential is real. That the mystical traditions have validation in their thought process and the actual physical outcome of their techniques. What are the scientists studying? Energy.

Energy is Everywhere

It’s the unseen forces of energy that science is now exploring. It’s the new frontier of real science. Why? Because they have figured out that there is something going on – some mysterious forces that are affecting not only human consciousness but actual physical reality.

People around the world are doing miraculous things. Instantaneous healings of cancer, now photographed through ultrasonic machines, science can measure the brain wavelengths of people in prayer and meditation and compare them to other people who are having heart attacks and high levels of anxiety. We can photograph with Kirlian photography images of energy around live matter, including humans.

So why is it that we have not started to live in our energetic environment? Why do we continually live as though it does not exists around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why are we not aware in our relationships with other people that there is an energetic exchange going on? We are still living unconsciously. To live consciously means to be aware of our energetic environment. You want to take responsibility for your energy and how others are feeling it.

Energy Exchange: Good & Bad

Have you ever had an experience where you spend some time with a friend and you felt tired after being with them? This is your energy being drained. Now I am not blaming your friend. It is both of you, because you both are in relationship- how you relate to each other. You are allowing your friend to take your energy. Your friend is taking all of your it for themself. How and why is this happening? And the bigger questions are, Does this feel good and Why are you letting this happen?

The answer is simple; you have no consciousness that this is happening between the two of you. You have no idea of the energetic exchange happening, creating this experience. We have become unaware of how we “are” in our relationships. I can go further into this for example; how we do business with each other, how we govern, how we teach. There is a fundamental flaw with how we do life, and that is we are not aware of our energies.

So what does it mean to be aware of our energy? Most of us cannot see it, but written into our genetic coding we can sense and or feel energy. It is actually part of our inherent way that we protect ourselves. So everyone can sense energy, you do not have to be a trained psychic or some kind of mediating mystic. (Truth be told we are all psychic, we were just told it is not real).

Energy 101

Further, how do we sense what we cannot see? First is just awareness that there might be energy. Awareness opens your belief system, and as your belief systems open you will start to experience feeling energy. All those times you knew who was calling you, or you would think of a friend and they would show up in your life the next day. Some of you have had dreams and then the dream would happen in real life. These are just some ways we already sense energy. If you are reading this article my guess is that you have an awareness that there is something of an invisible force that surrounds you.

Energy 101 – Energy is an unseen force that not only surrounds you but penetrates into your physical body, all the way to the cellular level. There is science that states cells grow on an energetic template, or lines of light.
It moves in waves. It is constantly moving, it can get stuck or stagnant. This is where disease starts to happen in the body. Energy also moves with thoughts, and almost quicker then a thought. There is a saying , “energy goes where consciousness flows.” – I love that saying because this means it doesn’t take much to move your energy.

Human Energy System

Moreover, the Human energy system is very complex and has many parts to it.  I will make it simple for this article. The energy field surrounds and penetrates the body. It surrounds our body in an egg shape. Most people have their energy field surrounding them about 3 to 4 feet outside their body. The energy field needs to breath, so there are spinning wheels of energy, much like that of a tornado, but with the smaller opening of the wheel inside the body and the wider opening away from the body. The Sanskrit word for these spinning wheels of light is called Chakra. So most people have heard of chakras (they are the lungs of the energy field) and the Aura, (the human energy field in its wholeness) around the body. Most importantly, this energy field also interacts with other energy fields around it.

As you move into awareness and start sensing this amazing field of energy around you, it will be easier to start to control you energy field. And that is how you take responsibility for your energy. It is awareness and intention, your energy moves in relationship with your physical form and with other people, animals and plants around you, with this awareness you can then start to Master Your Life.

YOUR Body of Energy

How would it feel to have more control over who you are and how others relate to you? How would it feel to have your power back in relationship with others and yourself? How would it feel to bring you back into health and wholeness?

Moreover, this is your birthright; this is your body and your energy. Waking up to the awareness that you have choices about how you live your life and how you want to master your life is not a privilege only for the few who seek to find answers outside of the box. This is the truth of who you are. You are a physical being and an energetic being walking on this planet. As we move into this new era, one of peace and prosperity it is imperative that we see with clarity what and how we are. However, we can only do this by understanding the makeup of our existence. To become aware of our energy field and using that awareness to take responsibility for how we are in relation with all that is around us.

Audree Tara Sahota
Creator and founder of Evolutionary Energetics©, Audree Sahota is an energy healer and meditation teacher. A graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing® and the EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing, she currently teaches Grounding Meditations for the Global Shift in Consciousness and is writing about her experiences with higher forms of consciousness and healing.