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Transform Your World


Welcome to the 5th Dimension and Beyond….

Access High Vibrational Energies

Be Your Own Inner Authority 

Self Mastery… The time of the Guru is over….. Time for Self Mastery. We are in the 5th Dimension! Anchor into this new paradigm and experience the flow of your evolutionary journey. Experience freedom from pain and suffering. Shift into higher consciousness, your birthright of evolution is waiting for you. 

Evolutionary Energetics (E2) brings you back into your power, your true self. E2 is an advanced energy system giving your access to higher vibrational frequencies. Learn the integrated technologies and tools to support a rapid transformation and self healing. Align to impact. Master the extraordinary life you are meant to live!



The Technology of High Vibrational Energy. The E2 Chakra System Opens Your Energetic Anatomy

E2 gives you access to higher vibrations frequencies to rapidly heal and transformation the physical, emotional and energetic levels of your being.

E2 Energy System…

  • Learn E2 Chakra System & Energy Anatomy
  • Activation Meditations to Open, Clear and Vibrate at Higher Frequencies
  • Healing Techniques for Rapid Healing, Transformation and Self Mastery
  • Balance the Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Being
  • Resolve Inner & Outer Conflict
  • Accelerate and Evolve Your State of Consciousness
Experience High States of Consciousness…


E2 Grounding Meditation An Essential Tool For Transformation.

The E2 Grounding Meditation was developed in 2004 specifically for this shift into the 5th Dimensional Frequencies. The Solar Flare activity is dissolving the “old” lower vibrational planetary grids.

The E2 Meditation anchors your electromagnetic field (your energy body) deep into the earth’s permanent planetary grids for stabilization. 

What to Expect
  • Removes Fear and Anxiety
  • Provides Stability to Feel Centered and Calm
  • Experience Inner Peace to Enhance Psychological Safety
  • Live with Ease and Grace During Times of Transformation

Experience Now

The E2 Grounding Meditation ©2024 Evolve2B ©2020, Music by Danika Morningstar



Discover the foundation of the E2 Technology. Develop stability and cultivate inner stillness to navigate life. A transformation essential.

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Explore the E2 System and your energy field. Discover its  potential though practical application to improve your life.

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We offer E2 Evolver, E2 Accelerator, The E2 Professional Mastery Program to support working with energy and master your potential.

Master the E2 Technology

Start Your Journey Now!

Free Download of E2 Grounding Meditation & The E2 Activation Process

Evolutionary Energetics

Evolutionary Energetics provides an in-depth look at this advanced energy technology with tools and techniques for practical application. E2 is a deep exploration into the power of high vibrational living, self mastery and human potential.

This information began to reveal itself in 2008, with the discovery of the advanced chakra system. Since then the E2 Technology has been evolved and proven by Audree Tara and Michael K. Sahota with their clients and worldwide training.

E2 integrates the world of physical healing and the world of business. These powerful teachings give you the practical application to create change and impact the world in which you live.

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