The Evolution of Consciousness is a buzzword in the personal growth and transformational communities. One can place the term in the growing New Age communities. The Evolution of Consciousness is the process of self-awareness. Humanity is awakening to how it thinks, how it reacts to its thinking and what impact this has on human potential. This has been happening for thousands of years, but right now there is a quickening of the consciousness, a quickening in self-awareness.

An evolutionary process is taking place within the consciousness of humanity. We are developing a Mindset, where one has the ability to look at their thoughts and their behaviors and the negative impact it has had on human potential. We are now looking at how to consciously create a new set of thoughts belief systems and behaviours. And what the impact would be if we lived in a state of connection, peace, mental stability, abundance and positive environments, live from a higher state of consciousness. I believe the next evolutionary process of man is The Evolution of Consciousness. What does this have to do with you and business? It can be a great tool in the development of your success.

Your thoughts and behaviors create your reality

Man has been through the Industrial Revolution, the Evolution of Science and the Evolution of Technology. And now it is time for the Evolution of Consciousness. It is the awakening of the human mind, and it is really the understanding and awakening to, our behaviors, our belief systems and answers the question, why are we living in pain and suffering and does this serve me? Do I want to live this way? What impact does my pain and suffering have on my life?

Humanity is facing a critical time in its history. I say critical because the economy and ecology is struggling for survival. This is the point of no return where we, the human race, is on the brink of destruction. The way humanity lives will no longer support the human race or the planet. There is a struggle for survival, a real threat of financial hardships, loss of jobs; market crashes, housing devaluations, and a lack of well-being. The planet Earth and its resources are in deep depletion, wars are raging between counties and disease and poverty are at an all-time high. Humanity is living fearful lives, there is a lost connection to ourselves, and the world around us. The stress of maintaining life and excelling to a better way of living has become unbalanced in the “me” culture that the human race has now become.

One can say that this cataclysmic way of thinking has gone on for centuries. Why now for the need to become aware of our behaviors and how one can live? All that humanity has accomplished, created and discovered can now be utilized for the self-preservation of the planet and the human race. There is an ability to take what we have learned and create a way of life that supports community, growth, prosperity and the regeneration of a damaged ecology. Humanity has all the technologies in place for this to occur. The change must begin within each individual, through the Evolution of Consciousness.

“ I see the evolution of consciousness as a coming together of all the past evolutionary processes and using a state of higher consciousness to shift and change the way we live in the world. Then create a world where we are living in our fullest potential.”~ AudreeTara

So how does an entrepreneur fit into this world of instability and chaos? The entrepreneur is the visionary who has the ability to set the standards for a new direction in the way humanity functions in this new paradigm, this new way of being in the world. The entrepreneur is the leader who can envision the possibilities of a new society, create new technologies that save our natural resources and create corporations and industry that work to provide higher standards of living, while honoring relationships and the individual.

The biggest hurdle for you, the entrepreneur, whether you are just starting your business, or you have had your business for years, is your mindset and your consciousness. For an entrepreneur it is important to understand how to navigate in the complexity of the business world. The United States military coined the phrase, VUCA world. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We can use this same term to describe the world we live in and the world of business. What you as an entrepreneur have is an extraordinary ability to navigate the VUCA world. You have the ability to think outside the box and you are looking for a way to succeed beyond what is expected of you.

Every entrepreneur comes to the same hurdle, the Mind. Your thoughts and belief systems control who and what you become. Then the next biggest hurdle is everyone in your life and his or her limited thoughts and belief systems. The outside support for your adventure, of owning your own business, is weak or sometimes non-existent. The evolution of your consciousness- your mind and the awareness of its thoughts and belief systems will be the strongest supporter between you and your success.

You are automatically hardwired for failure. It is ingrained in your being that you are less than perfect. You are raised to feel inadequate. You live your life with negative thoughts in your mind that you are not good enough, that you do not have the power to create an amazing life and or that you do not deserve to have an amazing life. This is the human condition, created by the egoic mind and the subconscious.

On average people walk through life, sick, poor, lacking enthusiasm and joy for life. One goes to school and then work at a job that meets him or her in their less then fullest potential. You are the exception. For you there is one big difference, you have a dream, a dream to do something different. You want to make a difference or doing something better. How are you going to accomplish your dreams and live your fullest potential with all the hurdles knocking at your door?

The Secret is to Evolve your Consciousness.

The evolution of consciousness is a process. Consciousness by definition means to be aware or have self- awareness. In this article I am putting this evolution of consciousness into practise. In simple terms, to become resourceful while navigating a complex and ever changing, VUCA world. The evolution of your consciousness is the state in which your thoughts, beliefs and actions are anchored in clear and powerful ways, so you may have a successful life.

To evolve your consciousness is an unfolding of your self-awareness, the awareness of how you behave according to your thoughts and belief systems. And the evolution of consciousness for the entrepreneur is the awareness of the thoughts and belief systems, your Mindset, that will allow you to evolve into your fullest potential. Evolve your consciousness to be the most successful you, have the most successful business, living your life purpose, be in a state of well-being and accomplish your greatest desire. To evolve your consciousness to be powerful in navigating complexity of both your inner world and your external environment.

Imagine when you are acting and living in your highest potential. Your business, branding, marketing, the operations of your company and your relationships, with yourself, your partners and employees, your audience and clients all flowing in an effortless way. Imagine your life is flowing in abundance with the ability to see your visions clearly and to manifest your dreams into reality. That is what the evolution of your consciousness will do for you. That is why your evolution of consciousness is the most important piece of the puzzle, your greatest tool for success.

The Process of an Evolved Consciousness
So how do you become this evolved conscious mastermind of business and personal success? How do you evolve into your fullest potential? There are 5 steps to this process.

The self-awareness of your mindset and how to shift your mindset into powerful, healthy, positive thoughts, is the evolution of consciousness. There is a guided process to give you the tools you need to clear out the old patterning and create an awakening into a new way to be with yourself, in relationship and to create and support your business. The steps are, the knowledge or belief in that everything is energy, grounding your energy so that you become a stable force of energy, using energy to clear your negative thoughts and belief systems, manifesting your desires from the heart and stepping into the new paradigm of business and living your highest potential.

1. Everything is Energy
Acquiring Knowledge and Wisdom

The first step is the belief that you are more than just a physical being. You have a belief that everything is energy. Why? Everything is energy, a vibrational frequency of wave like patterns that make up our universe. Material objects are slow moving vibrational frequencies (energy) that make up matter. And thoughts are fast moving vibrational frequencies that are invisible to the naked eye, but they still move and create our reality. This concept is sometimes abstract, and there is a lot of information to research at your leisure.

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction, or the movie “The Secret,” or manifesting your visions into reality, these are just a few terms to describe the movement of energy to create your fullest potential, the life you want.

As an entrepreneur your greatest tool will be the knowledge of energy and how to manage energy to master your life, your relationships and your business. Energy effects how we are in relationship with ourselves and others. How we feel on a daily basis and how our vision of our life purpose or our business is projected and manifested into the world.

For example, there are some people who, for no reason, you just can’t seem to like, they irritate or bother you. Or there are people you know that are very negative and you feel drained (tired and not feeling well) when you see them. Then there are some people who you love to be around, they are happy, have a glow about them and are really positive. You might say its how they act or behave, but really it’s their energy that they put out into the world. This goes the same for your business. You and your business have an energy that is projected out into the world.

If you know about energy you can shift the energies to attract the clients you want, or you can use energy to help create your life’s dream or find what you are meant to do in the world. Energy is invisible, but we all can naturally sense energy, it is part of us and we are part of it. Energy is controlled or moved by your thoughts and your conscious and subconscious mind. Energy is constantly in flow and movement, guiding our reality and creating or manifesting what we are thinking and believing. Energy cannot die, but it can be changed or shifted. It exists whether you know about it or not.

Energy is an electromagnetic charge that is within and surrounding your body. This electromagnetic charge creates a field around your body that relates and responds to other energies around it. We breathe energy from the universal energy force (known in some teachings as Chi or Prana). Energy and consciousness are interconnected. As we move our consciousness, we are also moving our energy. It is an instantaneous process and Quantum Physics (not Newtonian science) govern its laws. There are many books on energy, so I will not say anymore.

Everything is energy and you have an inherent tool at your disposal. A tool that if you choose not to use, will be there anyway. Energy reacts to your thoughts, both your conscious thoughts- the thoughts you are aware of and your sub- conscious thoughts, the thoughts that you are unaware of.

What I want you to know is that your energy moves by your thought process. That is why they say if you have negative thoughts you will get sick. This is true. Your thoughts create energy. In an instant you can shift your negative thoughts to positive ones. And in turn you can change your negative energy into positive energy.

“Energy goes where consciousness flows”

Exercise to feel energy

This is a simple exercise to feel energy. Everyone has a different way of connecting to the energy. Some people can “feel” energy. This is the most common way to sense energy, “feeling”. You will feel a tingling sensation on your skin when there are no objects touching you. You may feel hot or cold, or a pulsing sensation. Some people can see energy, hear or smell energy. These are more advanced energy techniques.

Start by sitting quietly, in a room, alone with no distractions or sound.
1-Close your eyes and bring all of your attention to the center of your head
Your closed eyes are focused in between your eyebrows
2-Imagine inside your brain, in the center, is a white light
Breath into the awareness of the center of your brain
· Bring your awareness, your attention, to your left hand – hold your hand in front of you
· Notice what you feel on the palm of your left hand – any sensation that you feel is energy
· Holding up your right hand – bring all your awareness into the palm of your right hand
· Notice what you feel on the palm of your right hand – any sensation that you feel is energy
· Place your two hands facing each other about 3 inches apart- bring your awareness to the palms of both hands at the same time-
· Notice if you can feel a pulsing, tingling or heat sensation between the palms of your hands

You are sensing energy!! If you do not have any experience, continue reading and do the exercises of grounding and clearing your energy. Then come back to this exercise, you will have better results.

2. Grounding Your Energy
Become a Stable Force of Energy

Life is chaos. Constantly shifting moving and changing. We live in a VUCA world- violtile, unstable, changing, ambiguous. There is no way to predict or control what happens in your life. This is the cause of stress, anxiety and grief. I see life, especially during times of transformation, as a tornado swirling around you. It becomes very difficult to deal with, make the proper decisions or even function when life is coming at you like a storm.

The drama of life picks you up and lands you in any place, usually on the top of your head. And for an entrepreneur this tornado takes on the speed and velocity, tenfold. Flying by the seat of your pants would be an understatement. And the decision-making process can mean life or death for your business, your dreams, your life purpose, and your financial stability, if you are not careful.

Grounding your energy will allow you to be calm and stable while the chaos of life is swirling about you. You become the calm in the center of the storm. In this calm place you are able to see the whole picture of what is in front of you, no longer held hostage by the emotional reactions of any drama. There is a centered feeling within you and that is when you will be most effective. In my training as a healer, I have found that grounding meditation is the foundation for any healing work and meditation work. You cannot be effective moving energy if you are not grounded. You cannot make important life altering or business altering decisions if you are not grounded.

To make stable calm decisions, your energy needs to be in your body. As a society, there is a habit to move our energy bodies up above and outside of our physical bodies. Not even aware of what we are doing, the energy body leaves the physical body because of the emotional pain and suffering that we experience from life, it is easier to cope and not feel pain.

When the energetic body is not connected to the physical form it, causes the body to physically feel anxiety. It can cause a feeling of being out of control, unsafe. This experience may cause heart palpitations and other unproductive side effects. Think about a balloon on a string and the string is not connected to anything. The balloon floats away. That is your energy and your consciousness floating away. Gone is the ability to function effectively.

The first piece to being grounded is that your energy body and your physical body are together. Your energy body is housed inside your physical form. That is why you will hear the term; your body is your temple. Your body is the temple that houses your energy field. Your energy field is who you are. It’s your consciousness, your essence or your Divine self.

There are many ways to describe your energy body, for the sake of this article and its content I will use terms in the realm of science. As I have stated before your energy body is an electromagnetic field that is within the body and surrounds the body. Just like the nerve synapses in the body, there are electrical charges throughout the body. Neural pathways in the brain “speak” to each other through electrical charges. Our bodies are powered through electrical processes. Although this is a very simple way to explain the energetics of the body, it is very known scientifically that the human body runs on electricity and has an energetic output within and around the body. Ancient teachings have had this understanding and have utilized this information in powerful ways.

Your energy is to be in your body and anchored into the earth. Some people have done yoga or other techniques, such as guided meditation, and imagined roots growing into the ground from their feet. These are techniques based on the centuries old teachings that anchor the energy body into the earth about 3 to 4 feet.

The science behind this is that there are electromagnetic grids on the earth’s surface, and we connect the energy body into the earth’s electromagnetic grids. This technique has given us a sense of security, belonging and calm.
Due to the various earth changes; you might have information in these past years that the earth’s electromagnetic grids are changing. Migration routes of different species of animals on the planet have been disrupted. The airports have had to change their instrumentation due to the changing grid patterns of the earth.

What is happening? Solar flares have been found to cause great disturbances in the electromagnetic properties of our electronic systems; and no one discusses the effects of the natural electromagnetic properties of the earth and the disruptions to our human body and electromagnetic field (our energy). The earth’s electromagnetic grids that lay just under the surface of the earth are dissolving. They no longer exist and our natural state of being, grounded into these electromagnetic grid lines is no longer occurring. This is why most people are experiencing more frequent states of anxiety, not feeling safe, confusion, dysfunction and even more extreme states of violence, and other psychological traumas.

To feel calm and balanced during the chaos of life, it is extremely important to ground your energy into the earth. And to do so there is a new technique that I have discovered. I discovered this technique in 2004, while doing my grounding techniques I use for meditation and healing work. I was forced to go deeper into the earth to ground my energy. I felt the connection of my energy field anchoring into something very powerful. What I have learned is that I was anchoring into a permanent electromagnetic field of the earth. There is no science, as of yet, to validate what I was doing, but through time and experience I have found this technique to be a very powerful grounding technique.

I have taught this technique to many of my clients and my clients have stage 4 cancers and are facing terminal illnesses; and they are in various places of instability. I also have used this technique with my clients going through life transitions, major upheaval and needing to feel safe and calm to make important life decisions. My clients, who have used this grounding technique, instantaneously have felt an improved state of being.

There is no waiting, it happens as soon as you do the technique. And with practice this technique becomes so easy that it is just a quick thought and you are grounded, your consciousness and your physical body are calm, centered and balanced, in a way that you feel safe and unaffected by what is happening around you. You will begin to live and function from a way of non-emotional reaction to the chaos and drama of life and this will be a great tool in your daily functioning. And it can determine the success rate of making important decisions in regards to your business and your life.

**Tips for Successful Grounding
Energy is moved by thought. You can move your energy; charge it to make you stronger, clear out the negative energy and other techniques, by using your thoughts. Energy moves fast, really fast, almost faster than your thoughts, which is instantaneous. So, to ground your energy you will be using your thoughts to do so.

The Grounding Exercise

The SHIFT Continuum –
Download the MP3 Meditation

*Start by sitting quietly, in a room, alone with no distractions or sound.
*Close your eyes and bring all of your attention to the center of your head
*Imagine inside your brain, in the center, is a white light
*Breath into the awareness of the center of your brain
(This “getting present” is a very important part of the grounding technique)
· Place your hands 2 to 3 inches below your belly button
· Bring your awareness- your thoughts, to your hands – feel the energy of your hands on your body
· Imagine a ball of light inside your body – sitting in front of your spinal column under your hands
· This ball of light is the size of a golf ball
· Imagine this ball of light growing larger and larger
· Until the ball of light becomes larger than your body and extends out past your hips, about 1 foot beyond your body
· Bring your hands out to meet this ball of light- that is your energy- try to feel the energy with your hands (you may feel heat or pulsation)
· Allow this “ball of light”, your energy, to drop down your legs, dropping down past your feet and into the earth
· Follow this ball of light with your imagination, down, into the organic matter of the earth
· The organic layer of the earth is about 3,000 miles deep into the earth (keep following your ball of light- the movement will be very quick)
· You will have a feeling of deepening into the earth as you go deeper down through the layers of organic matter of the earth (the mantle)
· You will come to a crusty layer of earth – you will push through it and into the molten lava layer of magma deep in the earth (the outer core)
· Just notice how this feels…you may experience a burning sensation – or a slowing down of movement
· In this layer you can burn off negative energy that does not serve you
· Keep moving down through this layer and you will come to a crusty layer and move out of the molten lava layer
· When you move into this next layer in the earth, you may notice a shift of feeling or sensation- you may feel nothing- use your imagination to have an experience, do not discount what your experience is
· You are now in the Permanent Electromagnetic Grids or energy lines of the earth
· Your energy field will be connecting, clearing and charging as you move through this layer deeper into the earth.
· Just notice what you feel in this place. This is where your energy field will anchor into the earth and connect in a very solid centered way
· Still moving down deeper into the earth
· Use your imagination to see a ball of light, that is you, moving towards (the inner core)- Science describes it as solid iron, for the sake of meditation see it as a ball of light.
· This is the Earth’s energy, a bigger ball of light.
· You enter into the earth’s energy
· Using your imagination, you move down into the earth’s energy and you will slow down gently finding your resting place. Gently stop.
· Look down- use your imagination and notice your feet now are connected into a crystalline rock, the rock formation is clear quartz and surrounds your feet… making you feel very held and stable.
· Breath in this place for a minute – allow yourself to connect into the earth in a way that you are comfortable with…. Connect into the beauty, mystery and wisdom of the earth
Ascending back to the surface:
· When you are ready
· With your imagination begin to ascend back up
· Moving your ball of light quickly up through the layers of the earth
· You move Up through towards the surface
· Permanent Electromagnetic Grids
· Molten Lava Layer of the earth
· Organic Layers
· Back up to the surface towards your body
· When you get close to your body you will feel pressure at the bottom of your feet and then your awareness will automatically pop back into your body
· Take a big deep breath into your chest and come into the awareness of your heart center – in the middle of your chest

You will feel a strong sense of calm, being centered and balanced

You can do this meditation every day and whenever you feel that you are not grounded. As you practice this exercise you will be able to ground your energy at a moment’s notice. Because you can move your energy with your thoughts, it becomes a quick visualization of your energy into the earth and feeling or “seeing” your energy anchored in the energy of the earth.

I recommend that you take time every day to do a longer version of this grounding exercise as part of a routine. Highly successful people have a daily practice of taking time for peaceful moments, to center and quiet the mind and to allow a connection with their own being. If you bring this practice into your daily life you will begin to notice that your presence can become quickly quieted and you will be able to have clearer states of being, unaffected by the dramas and chaos of business or your life.

One can obtain the psychological safety and surrender into complexity, an evolved state of consciousness can outperform all other states. This is the first real step to mastering a VUCA world and having mastery of your life.

3. Shifting Your Mindset
Clear Your Negative Thoughts and Belief Systems

“Just as we bear within us in mighty pictures the entire past and are ourselves the outcome of those pictures, so in the concealed life of nature there works and weaves that which, in its further unfolding as world-evolution, will bring us our future.”
Rudolph Steiner.

The entrepreneur is a master visionary. The spark of a thought and the dream that it builds leads to the creation of a product or business to fill the needs of the masses. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is special; they stand out from the crowds and believe that life can be better and different. It takes a person of very strong self-confidence and a lot of guts to step out-side the box. An entrepreneur goes against the grain to achieve success, amongst the protests of the subconscious mind. They have to battle a society that tells them, what can and cannot be done, and they have to defy what family and friends say will never happen. This is the life of an entrepreneur. Not to mention the failures of the first tries, the loss of cash or the stress of returning monies lent.

Then there is the ego; everyone is watching you, secretly wanting you to fail, or your own self-sabotage trying to take you down. I will not mention all the decisions based on the correct way to brand and market yourself and your business and or the decisions about location and demographics.

The entrepreneur has obstacles to hurdle before they even make their first sale. And the mindset of the entrepreneur must be clear and clean of any negative thoughts. Thoughts are energy and they reach out, in relationship with your outside world. The entrepreneur needs to erase any negative thoughts from the mind, this is imperative, it a driving force. And the forefront to your success will be how you manage and clear your thoughts, your consciousness and your energy.

So, what are negative thoughts? They are your ego. They are the thoughts that speak to you in your mind and judge everything that you do. Sometimes they are speaking what your parents have told you or are based on experiences you have had in the past. Some thoughts are from you, telling yourself you are not worthy, not good enough or smart enough, that you do not have enough money, the list goes on. Then there are thoughts of your own greatness, how amazing you are and no one can beat you or your product. Those thoughts will get you in trouble too; in business a thought can keep you from paying attention to improving your products or services.
Ego is not the truth of which you are. The ego is a manifestation of an untruth, based on how we have perceived our world through past experiences. The ego makes up stories for us to believe and cuts us off from having an experience based in the present moment.

The ego can be looked at as a separate entity unto itself. It is selfish and manipulative and therefore needs to be dealt with in a rather unforgiving way. It is the ego that will destroy your hopes and dreams. This is not an ego bashing; the ego has long served you and has been a great asset in so many ways. But it is time for the ego to take a back seat and allow you to drive and evolve your consciousness. Creating a new road to your success, so you can be the master of your life.

Ego has been running the “show”, or your consciousness for your whole life. And now, to become your fullest potential and reach for the best life or business you can create, your ego needs to take a step back. I would say completely go away, but that is an advanced practice, let’s start in a place that you can accomplish in little or no time. I will give you a tool to clear your negative mindset, quick and easy, with ease and grace.

You want a mindset that is based on real experiences happening in the
(NO.W.) or “NO W.orries.”

Your ego is creating your mindset. The first piece to clearing your mindset would be to clear the thoughts and belief systems that your ego has been creating. When you have cleared the negative thoughts and belief systems of your subconscious, then you can start to bring in positive thoughts. You want a mindset that is based on real experiences happening in the NOW
(NO.W.). Or “No Worries.”

When you are having experiences in the present and grounded in the moment of NO.W., you begin to have a mindset that is calm, balance and positive. You begin to build a structure of consciousness that is productive and have healthy relationships with everything in your life. You will be able to manifest your vision of your business or the vision of your life and the dreams of how you want to live begin to unfold in a powerful way. Once you clear the negative mindset, your positive mindset has a home.

Our mind, consciousness, our thoughts and belief systems move energy, and everything is energy. That means that your thoughts and belief systems are controlled by your mindset, your egoic mind and subconsciousness. These thoughts create your life. If you think you are sick, chances are that you will get sick, if you think you can’t accomplish your goal, chances are you will not be successful. Are you starting to see a relationship between your mindset and the importance it plays on your vision of being an entrepreneur? If you are an entrepreneur and have been for a long time, you understand what I am talking about. This is why the evolution of consciousness is important for the entrepreneur, and not just some philosophical or a new age concept.

To start clearing the negative mindset, you begin with your evolution of consciousness, your self-awareness. This is the most humbling of exercises, because it is only in your complete honesty with yourself that you will become aware of your negative thoughts and behavior patterns. It is very difficult to “see” yourself and how your mindset or how you behave in your life, especially when it is a negative, not a positive way.

The first part of the process of clearing is to be able to identify what is not working in your life and relationships. I call this the journey of the Warrior-Hero. It is not an easy task, but there is a secret. You must step outside of yourself, become the observer and you will have no judgment. What you “see” about yourself, just is and nothing else. This will allow you to notice, become self-aware, become consciousness and then you can evolve and change for the better.

This process can be risky and painful. And when it is, just sit with it, allow yourself to have the feelings and then move on, no big deal. You are in the process of deep transformation. To change is a great quest, not to be taken lightly and not for the faint of heart. But then again, you are an entrepreneur, piece of cake!

When you step into the position of the observer self, there is no judgment, you can clearly see how a negative thought or behavior is not serving you and then you can choose to release it. (I will give you a visual tool to help release the negative thoughts very quickly). The key to success with clearing negative thoughts is that you do not identify with them. The observer self takes you out of the emotional reaction and into the awareness and then you can quickly release it from your mindset and your energy body.

Because thoughts will come and go quickly, throughout your day, it is best to read the technique over and over. You want your mind trained to know how to handle all the negative thoughts that will pop up and when you are triggered by an experience that you are having at the moment.

Example of a negative thought:
“I will never get the money I need to start my own business, I do not know anyone, have bad credit, the bank will never give me a loan.” – this is an untruth and negative thought and belief system that the egoic mind has formed. This thought form (mindset) can create a lack of money and stop any possibilities to obtain money. It shuts down the vision and your manifestation process. It shuts off any miracle to take place too. Entrepreneurs are very creative, the thought process needs to flow in a space of anything is possible and the statement, “I can,” needs to be strong.

“I release you from the need I have to have this experience.”

Exercise to Clear Negative Thoughts:
· First do a quick grounding technique – this should relieve some or all of the emotional reaction
· Then connect with the negative thought. Become aware of it – see if the thought tightens an area of your body (remembering this is not a truth- it is a negative thought from your ego)
· If you find a place in your body that tightens, place all of your awareness at the place in your body… breath into the physical sensation for a few minutes- until the sensation dissolves
· If you do not have a physical reaction… just stay with the thought – and remember, the thought is energy
· Using your imagination, place a box in front of you – the box is open (my box looks like the traps from Ghostbusters… itworks for me!)
· Tell the thought – “I release you from the need I have to have this experience” – this is very important!
· Watch the energy of the thought go out the top of your head and into the box- it will look like a dark cloud coming from your head or body, and going into the box
· Sit with this process until you feel all the negative energy released from you- this may take some time. Do not be surprised if it takes a few minutes
· The box will shut automatically and lock when you are finished
· You can imagine that the box disappears into white light, or the box drops down a hole.

**The most important step in this process is telling the thought
“I release you from the need I have to have this experience.”

This is you taking responsibility for allowing the thought to come into your consciousness and take over. Even if you were unaware of the thought being there or unaware of the process of having the thought. You are now empowering yourself with responsibility for your thoughts, your consciousness, and getting rid of the negative energy.

“With great power comes great responsibility”
~Voltaire & Uncle Ben, Spiderman

The process of the evolution of consciousness is the empowerment of you taking responsibility for your life. You become the master of your reality; you are creating the life or business that you desire. When you have self-awareness of negative thoughts and behavior patterns, and you make the decision to let go and move into a place of positive thoughts, you will begin to manifest a very powerful reality for yourself. This reality is filled with a presence of your own truth, creating a powerful and profound reality,knowing that you have the ability and the tools to have what you desire.

4. Manifesting your desires from the heart

Manifesting your desires or creating your reality is a much talked about subject in the past few years. When the movie, “The Secret,” came out, it brought about the consciousness (the awareness) that it is possible to have the life you desire. “The Secret” became the most popular information on manifesting. It actually brought the word manifesting into the minds of mass consciousness. “The Secret” was based on knowledge that was hidden from the masses, The Law of Attraction. Only certain adepts from various schools of thought knew how to manifest or create the life they desired. They knew the secrets of how thought moves energy and you create your reality.

And this is really great information, I highly recommend that you watch this movie; it will help to change your awareness and catapult your consciousness.
What is missing from this movie is that this information about manifesting your desires, creating your reality is information based on an old paradigm. The “old” paradigm, or knowledge, that was used in a time when the earth was vibrating at a different energetic frequency. Stay with me here…

In simple terms, the knowledge of the law of attraction and the tools to manifest the life you desire, are from a different time on earth. The knowledge is from a long time ago, we are in a different era, or in a new world. I will not go into too much detail here, but did you hear about the 2012 prophecies? 2012 was supposed to be the year when the earth would have a cataclysmic event and the world would end. It was a little dramatic and the media hyped it up. But for those who held the ancient knowledge, something different was going on, there was a change in the energies of the planet. There was a shift in the energetic frequencies of the planet. It is a change from one era into another era.

This energy shift is of a very high vibrational frequency. There is a science to it, I will not go into here, you can read my book, “Evolutionary Energetics, For the Advancement of Humanity” for a more detailed account of how the consciousness of humanity is shifting into higher states of consciousness..

The energy now, in this present time, is very fast moving as humanity comes into this time of an Evolution of Consciousness

The important information is that the Law of Attraction, what you use to manifest your desires, has changed. The information is still the same. You can create the life you desire. You are responsible for the creation of your reality. The knowledge has not changed, only the technique has changed. The energy now, in this present time, is very fast moving as humanity comes into this time of an Evolution of Consciousness. This means having awareness or the mindset to change the way we relate to ourselves and each other. We are coming into the world of peace; we are shifting into an era of living in our hearts. Why is that important for manifestation?

The old way to manifest was that you have a vision, and this vision shifts your thoughts and it moves the energy to create your desires. Easy, right? It works; the problem has been that along with the thought of what you want, comes the thought of the egoic mind and your subconsciousness of how it might be impossible, or that you are unworthy, etc. The list can go on. If you have a vision of what you want, and then immediately, a thought of something negative, the negative thought cancels out the vision. Manifestation is difficult.

What I have learned in this new energy is not to have a vision. You go deeper, out of your mind- where the vision is, and you go into your heart space, where your desire is. You go into the feeling sensation of what you desire. The heart space is where manifestation takes place in the new era, within the new paradigm of this planet.

The Evolution of Consciousness is about the heart and the mind together.
To create and manifest what you desire into your reality it must be done from the heart. There can be no attachment to how it manifests, there is no business plan for manifestation. That is not the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says like energies (thoughts move energy) attract to each other and what you desire will manifest. The most powerful energetic wave patterns are in the heart.

“The answers to many of our original questions now provide a scientific basis to explain how and why the heart affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance and personal effectiveness.
Our research and that of others indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.”
The Institute of HeartMath

It’s the Heart, not the brain; this is the Secret to “The Secret.” You are the creator of your reality, master of your life. You are a highly creative entrepreneur taking risks and thinking outside of the box. You are hungry for tools to help support your success. And now you have a vision of what you want, and I am going to tell you let go of your vision. Bring that vision down into your heart; feeling the sensations of the vision manifesting, instead of thinking about the vision, and it will manifest itself into reality.

If you are going into business to create destruction or greed this technique will not work for you. Those are low vibrational frequencies and thought forms and will no longer be tolerated in this new era/paradigm. If you are envisioning a business product or service to help make the world a better place, because you know that you can improve on a system or want to make a difference in the world and in your life, then this knowledge will work. Those are high vibrational thought forms. This tool can only be used for the highest good of man.

Remember that the mindset is not a perfected state of being, where there are no negative thoughts. Drop all of your vision into your heart. Breath in your business plan, not the step-by-step process of your goals, but the end result of your goals and vision. Feel what it is like to have your successful business, all the support that you need beyond what you can imagine. Expect that you will have the life you dream of, feel what that feels like to live in that place of complete happiness and then let it go. When the negative thought comes into your mind, use the tools I gave you to release the negative thoughts.

The Institute of HeartMath, states, “We observed that the heart was acting as though it had a mind of its own and was profoundly influencing the way we perceive and respond to the world. In essence, it appeared that the heart was affecting intelligence and awareness.”

Exercise to Manifest Your Desires:
· Find a quiet place, this exercise is better done between the hours of 3 and 4:30 am, in your time zone
· Breathe in and out, become present in the moment
· Release all thoughts from your mind (see exercise to Clear Negative Thoughts)
· Ground your energy into the earth (see Grounding exercise)
· Open your heart, allow an expansion of the energy (do this by thinking of someone, or a place that you love, you will sense a softening of your being or expansion of energy in your chest area)
· See your vision in your mind- whatever you desire
· Drop the vision into your heart – allow your imagination to drop your vision
(feel it or “see” it)
· Allow an expansion of your heart energy and feel what the end result of your manifested goal will feel like, for example; successful business, feel proud of yourself, accomplishing your goals, knowing that you have made a difference in the world- there will be a very strong feeling
· Then after 1 minute of feeling – switch that feeling into gratitude for the manifestation (very important!), thankfulness for the desire, already happening.
· Receive a deep breath in and let everything go, knowing that it will happen.

When you drop into the heart space, you will find that there is no doubt, no questioning if it will happen. There becomes a knowing that it will happen, it just is. In this space there is no trying to figure out how your desires will manifest, no real plan revealed, but there is a strong sense of knowing that your desires will manifest into your reality.

Warning!This does not mean that you never have to make a business plan. You do not get off the hook that easily. This exercise does not release you from being an active participant in creating your reality.

What this exercise will do is it will create a shift in the energies to allow opportunities to come your way, that is in alignment with your desires and goals. You become open to making the impossible, possible. You will start to experience people coming into your life, unexpectedly to help support your vision. You will begin to experience ideas coming to you effortlessly and releasing of blocks in your consciousness and subconsciousness that were keeping you from creating the life you desire.

During this exercise, especially when you first start doing this work, it will be difficult to keep a vision from entering your mind and not your heart. Do not worry, just keep letting the vision go. Your mind is very strong and not trained well in the beginning of this process. Just keep going back to your heart and feeling the desire.

You do not have to spend more than 1 minute feeling your vision. The most important piece to this exercise is after you feel, is to spend time in gratitude for the manifestation of your desire, as if it already happened. Saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” any feelings of gratitude, if you are religious use what works for you. It is important here to use what feels right for you.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
―Mahatma Gandhi

5. Become an Evolutionary Leader

Stepping into the New Paradigm of Business
Once you have learned this process of understanding and harnessing your evolved consciousness, you will be able to create and manifest the business of your dreams — no, more than that — a business beyond your wildest dreams.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs because coming from an evolved consciousness means that you will:
Maintain calm and balance to make important decisions
Clear your limiting negative thoughts and belief systems
Living your fullest potential, vibrant and healthy — physically mentally emotionally and spiritually
Be able to manifest your desires quickly and easily Nothing in your business, or your life, will ever be the same.

“A New Way of Working Enables A New Way of Being”
More importantly with an evolved consciousness you will be conducting business very differently. You will be living in a state of higher consciousness. In higher states of consciousness, there is a more unified approach to everything. Your business will be managed in a different way. The business and work environment that you create will be one of happy and engaged workers. Structures of your business will be created for teams and workers who are also showing up in evolved ways. Creating high performance environments and sustainable success. The products and services created by your business will be of high quality and have a greater positive impact on the environment.
As an entrepreneur who has an evolved consciousness you will create a business that has evolved from “business as usual”, command and control, to more higher performance business practises, such as “Green” or “Teal” organizations, described in “Reinventing Organizations”, by Frederic LaLoux.

The demand for change in a new era of humanity begins with an evolved consciousness. Not only will you find that that your way of thinking and behaving are more positive and you can easily create success, this new way of being will have a great impact on those around you. You will become an Evolutionary Leader. A leader who can navigate complexity and remain conscious to exemplify behaviours that treat others in positive regard. With an evolved consciousness you will see the brilliance in others and creating leaders around you. You will have the ability to quiet the egoic mind and develop a learning and growth mentality. Your ability to create environments of psychological safety will increase the levels of equal voice and productivity in the workplace, bringing wellness and happiness index up.

An Evolutionary Leader is one who has evolved their consciousness. One who has the courage and has taken the time to become self- aware. They live their fullest potential by taking the steps to clear negativity from their thoughts and belief systems. The take extraordinary steps to be a change for their own dreams and desires and stepped into a new way of being that enables a new way of working.